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Mindful Muslimah is a mother of 5, licensed educator of 25 years and big sister to the Muslim community. She has been doing dawah in NYC since the late 1990’s, where she worked with and served on the Idarahs of some of the top U.S. Muslim organizations in the US like Islamic Relief, ICNA, MAS and IERA to to build community programs, interfaith exchanges and bring aid to Muslim communities.

In her work as an educator, she has taught tens of thousands as an instructor, teacher trainer and consultant for the US Department of Education. She then moved to Dubai to help start up American Islamic schools. After she took her mission online in 2021, she has been best known for her role as a host on the 5-Star Rated Podcast Mindful Muslimah Speaks that has reached 4.9 Million in 150 plus countries world-wide, teaches full classes and courses, conducts consultations, does in-person marriage workshops, creates digital and physical learning resources on the many hot topics that the Muslim community is struggling with.

 She is passionate about helping women balance their life in the West, while maintaining their Islamic Identity.

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Mindful Muslimah Inc. serves Muslim women worldwide. Many of our women have unique internal and external challenges and have nowhere to go to get the answers and support they need. Our brand talks about the real issues that our women are facing within their identity, place in society, within their close relationships, their homes, their relationship with their creator, and beyond.


We understand what Muslim women are going through and we share the expertise, passion, community and tools they need to not only grow, but thrive.

Recognized by Scholars, Alims & Qaris

Mufti Menk

“Many from across the globe are doing good work. May Allah Almighty grant them success in this world and the next. Ameen. Follow Mindful Muslimah and benefit from her”

Mufti Rafiq

Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah

Ustadh Yahya Raaby

Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah

Sheikh Sajid

Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah