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Mindful Muslimah


Our Mission

Mindful Muslimah empowers Muslim women by helping them go from simply “surviving” everyday life to “thriving”, as women of impact. We help Muslim women balance living in a modern world, while excelling in their Islamic identity.

Our Vision

To create a stronger identity and quality of life for women world-wide.

Our Values

We Work with Integrity, We are Intentional, Always Aware of Accountability, Problem Solvers at Heart, Collaborative & Inclusive.


Our Methods

We provide training, mentorship and community support to women (world-wide), so that they can improve their mental health and family/community impact by overcoming their economic, personal and professional setbacks.

More on Who We Are

Mindful Muslimah, Inc. is made up of 68 PLUS staff members, volunteers, qaris, muftis and rotating speakers and teachers

Our Mission Team

*Note: The team referenced below is a rotating mix of credible and dedicated professionals, world-wide, who serve as board members, teachers, speakers, volunteers and consultants, that help us stay true to our mission and vision.

Board Members

Founder “Mindful Muslimah” –
Licensed Educator, Consultant & Community Organizer
Salih Shamseldin – Khatib, Engineer and Board Member
Umm Mohammad – Teacher and Board Member
Kinza Sarwer – Marketing Expert & Board Member


Ahmad Al Hoori – Imam, Consultant and Graduate of Madinah University

Additional Team Members

Ansam Mohammad- Hafiz and Quran Teacher

Fiona Khan – Engineer and Senior Mentor

Najma Atou – Nurse and Senior Mentor

Saida Kolenovic – Speaker, Medical Professional and Mentor

Dunia – Social Worker and Speaker

Saira – Psychologist and Mentor

Intention, faith & follow-through is everything.

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