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What is Thrive Muslimah?

Why Join Thrive Muslimah?

Hear from Women Inside

What's Included?

15-Minute Consultation

A Chance to Get Advice

Top 5-Star Rated Podcast

Addressing Relatable Muslimah Topic

FREE Book Club

International Connections & Learning

Free Masterclasses

Access to valuable learning material


Test yourself & learn more

FREE PDF Content

Get Unique Resources Made Just for Muslim Women

Mini Courses

Access to multiple mini courses instructed by experts

LIVE Community Membership

Get Support and Learn With Other Women Like You

Hot Topics

50+ Additional Lessons Catered for Muslim Women

Full Ramadan & Eid Program

Never Be Alone or Unsupported in This Time of Year Again

Mentorship Program

Coaching Sessions Worth $300

Live Events

The perfect space to get your questions answered & participate in engaging conversations

30-Minute Consultation Upgrade

Get Advice from Mindful Muslimah Herself

HUGE Discounts!

All Full Courses by Mindful Muslimah

Join Thrive Muslimah

Normally $39.99
Payment Options

Monthly :

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Worth $3,339.00
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Bonus Perks

In addition to all that is mentioned above, members also get:

Exclusive Access to Experts & Scholars

Full Mentorship Program (Coaching Seasons)

Worth $300 for FREE

Motivational Prizes,Gifts.

Mindful Muslimah is recognized by Scholars, Alims & Qaris.

Mindful Muslimah is recognized by Scholars, Alims & Qaris.