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About Mindful Muslimah


Mindful Muslimah has spent most of her life as a community leader, international speaker, educator, and mentor. She has worked as an administrator and consultant in some of the largest public and private educational systems in the United States and Dubai, as well as worked with & led some of the largest Muslim and non-Muslim nonprofit organizations in the United States.


Currently, she is an international leader, the founder of the Muslim Mindfulness School, the host of the 5-Star Podcast “Mindful Muslimah Speaks”, serving 4.5 Million strong, and hosts regular free classes and workshops for women across the globe. She is passionate about helping women not just grow, but thrive and become women of impact.

Be Empowered with the right tool, through inspiration & Motivation

Recognized by Scholars, Alims & Qaris

Mufti Menk

“Many from across the globe are doing good work. May Allah Almighty grant them success in this world and the next. Ameen. Follow Mindful Muslimah and benefit from her”

Mufti Rafiq

Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah

Ustadh Yahya Raaby

Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah

Sheikh Sajid

Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah