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Mindful Muslimah

We Help Women Not Just Grow, But Thrive

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Mindful Muslimah

We help Muslim women go

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“Many from across the globe are doing good work. May Allah Almighty grant them success in this world and the next. Ameen. Follow Mindful Muslimah and benefit from her”

Mufti Rafiq

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Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah

A Woman with a Vision

The founder of “Mindful Muslimah”, Mindful Muslimah, has spent the past twenty-five years as a community leader, an educator, and a mentor. She also regularly serves as a public liaison between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Mindful Muslimah is passionate about self-work and creating space for meaningful conversations. She continues to inspire and educate young women across the globe, on how they can bridge the gap between their Muslim and “modern” selves, without compromising their Islamic identity.