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Mindful Muslimah Affiliate/Ambassador program


Welcome to the Mindful Muslimah affiliate program. We're excited to have you as an ambassador for our mindfulness brand and look forward to impacting women worldwide together, Insha Allah.

How it works

Thrive Muslimah: The global isterhood that you always wished existed

Affiliate Payout

You get 25% of the revenue of each Thrive Muslimah subscription you sell for months

For example:


There is NO LIMIT on HOW MUCH you can make.
All just for sharing a LINK!

what's next?

3 Easy Steps

Here’s all you need to do to start:

Step 1: Become an affiliate

Step 2: Share your link everywhere

Share this link everywhere with a message on WHY they should join and that it’s FREE to try! (after 14 days they start a paid subscription)

Sample Message:

“Just sharing this Amazing Global International SISTERHOOD that is packed with opportunities to form REAL relationships, LEARN with other women and go on a JOURNEY to be the best version of you. It’s FREE to try HERE: ADD Your LINK

Step 3: Make money

How do I get paid?

After the date for your payout to happen, we send you money directly

into your Paypal account automatically

*By the way…A cookie is inside of the link, so if it is clicked up to 30 days later you STILL make $ on each share on that link. Incredible we know!

Have other questions? Email us at Mindfulness@mindful-muslimah.com