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Thrive Muslimah

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A Global Community

Are you are tired of shallow social media friendships & fake relationships? So are we.


That’s why at Thrive Muslimah, we make sure that our global community of women only stay members if they are committed to supporting other sisters through the highs and the lows of all that we go through as women.

thrive-muslimah Community sisterhood
The Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove

Do you have a lot of Islamic lifestyle questions that you can’t seem to get answers for?

How great would it be to have complete access to an ever growing  “The Treasure Trove” of mini lessons and courses on Muslimah self-care, organization, spirituality, parenting, love & marriage, homeschooling and more! We give you access to professional content that is linked to PDF take-aways because we know you are busy and need answers fast.

The Treasure Trove

FREE Live Workshops

What if we could take a bunch of amazing Muslim female experts on topics we care about and bring them to you monthly, so you can ask them your questions?

Each month, your membership includes 2-4 LIVE workshops where you get the answers you need in a classroom full of women like you.

Live Workshops
Monthly Halaqa

Monthly Halaqa

Strengthening our eman and getting closer to Allah is often a struggle with many Muslim women. We have the remedy for that. Thrive Muslimah, has monthly halakas to keep you on track, fully supported and motivated. We cover a range of topics, based on what our women request, such as ways to find khooshua in salat (better concentration in prayer), stories of inspirational Muslim women, learning the stories of the prophets, how to create a Muslim home, spiritual boosts in Ramadan and so much more.
Monthly Halaqa

The Vault

Scouring the internet for the answers to all of your questions is not only a waste of time, but it doesn’t even guarantee that you will get real answers. 

We give you an entire “Vault” of quick reference sheets on Muslim parenting, healthy eating habits, how to concentrate in prayer, stress reduction, some tips on how to deal with in-laws, new revert/convert and other resources all within the membership.

A Vault of resources
Free Quran Tutor

Free Quran Tutor

Memorizing Qur’an is always somethings so many sisters aspire to do and yet struggle with. You no longer have to have it as a distant dream and can easily make it your reality. Alhamdullilah, each and every thrive member gets access to a FREE Qur’an tutor as part of your membership. Wether you are a native Arabic speaker, a non-native or even a revert new to Islam, we have you covered. Our tutors are trained and experienced in teaching the Qur’an with all types of learners.

Free Quran Tutor

FREE Consultations

Do you have a burning question about a life situation that you just wish you could run by a professional? We’ve got you covered.


Each member has the access and opportunity to sign up for FREE monthly consultation calls. 

FREE Consultations calls
parenting, love & marriage, Self-development, Ramadan

Designated Spaces

Better than online communities like Instagram or Facebook, where posts come and go, Thrive Muslimah has unique meeting spaces where women can come together and only talk about what they want to talk about for as long as they need. 

The posts and conversations stay relevant, as women post what they are passionate about or need support on.

parenting, love & marriage, Self-development, Ramadan

Fun, Prizes & Discounts

And if all of that wasn’t enough….we actually just give stuff away for free too!

Every one needs a place to be inspired and have fun. Every month, members are given the opportunity to join inspirational challenges, win great prizes and get access to discounts on Islamic books and courses.

challenge ,Fun, Prizes & Discounts

Mindful Muslimah is Recognized by Scholars and worked with Well Respected Qaris


“Many from across the globe are doing good work. May Allah Almighty grant them success in this world and the next. Ameen. Follow Mindful Muslimah and benefit from her”

– Mufti Menk

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-11 at 5.42.36 AM
“Visiting Instructor at Thrive Muslimah”
– Ustadh Yahya Raaby

A Woman with a Vision

mindful muslimah

The founder of “Thrive Muslimah”, Mindful Muslimah has spent the past twenty years a community leader, an educator, and a mentor. She also regularly serves as a public liaison between the Muslim and non-Muslim community. 

Mindful Muslimah is passionate about self-work and creating space for meaningful conversations. She continues to inspire and educate young women across the globe, on how they can bridge the gap between their Muslim and “modern” selves, without compromising their Islamic identity.

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